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Below is an overview of all our lawn care and garden services. All our Lawn Care Services are performed by our team of licensed Landscape Exterminators and Technicians. Please contact the office to book a quote or for further information regarding these services. Please note that some services are on a first come, first serve basis with limited availability. All services are guaranteed.

Lawn Care (Weed and Feed) Programs

Our two most popular lawn care packages are the Classic and Enviro Green programs. These provide our customers with price and value driven bundling options. We visit every property to assess, measure and provide a quotation for services that best meet the needs of each customer and their turf. A variety of enhancement services are described in the below sections.​

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Lawn Renovation Service

This service will include: aeration; the spreading of compost pellets, to add organic matter to the soil and feed the microbial life in the soil;  broadcasting of a pop up fertilizer to enhance root growth and then, to finish, a fresh new grass seed variety will be mechanically sown directly in contact with the soil where it can get maximum germination.  Customers requesting this service must commit to the watering instructions to guarantee results.

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Over Seeding (Drilled In)

Grass seed is placed at the perfect depth and environment to create maximized germination by an over-seeding machine. Researchers recommend over-seeding & de-thatching or over-seeding & aerating as the two most important cultural practices to ensure a thick, rich lawn. There is a short window of opportunity in the spring for this service. If you are unable to irrigate, this service is ideally completed in the late summer/early fall.

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Grub Control

Grubs are white C shaped larvae that pupate into June Bugs. While they are in the larvae stage they eat the roots from healthy turf grass. The larvae are tasty to skunks, raccoons and other wildlife. This is the number one pest in the area and needs to be controlled.

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Spring Clean Up

Manual raking of property perimeter and around trees and flower beds. This is followed by a dethatching tine and vacuum system to remove all the dead grass and debris left over from the winter. Limited spaces available for this service. Customers are encouraged to get their renewals in early.

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This service is the mechanical removal of small cores of compacted soil and thatch from lawns. This allows for absorption of oxygen, moisture and fertilizer by the soil and promotes root growth. We typically perform this service in the fall, however it can be done in the spring and throughout the season, weather permitting.

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Extra Weed Application

This is an extra application of our weed service that must be added to your program in order for us to guarantee season long weed control. We guarantee weed reduction only with the Enviro Green and Classic programs, if you do not choose this extra application. It can be added to each of the programs at any time during the season.

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Soil & Root Stimulator

NEW FOR 2020

A healthy and thick lawn is still the best defense against weeds and unwanted grasses.  Soil & Root Stimulator application will promote turf health and can be added to your Enviro Green Program as an enhancement and will be replacing the Crabgrass Treatment in the Classic Program.

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Fall Clean Up

A lawn vacuum system is used to remove debris, leaves and small branches. Leaves will be blown out of garden & off patios etc... also. Larger branches are manually removed. The lawn/debris must be dry for this service to be performed.

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Weed Buster Application

All resources are focused on eliminating weeds and the customer is responsible for fertilizer.  Typical program would include 2 to 3 weed control applications.  

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Lawn Rolling

NEW FOR 2020!

Rolling is a service we recommend if your lawn is extremely uneven and bumpy.  Following up this service with core aeration is strongly advised.  

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"Hannah left me a note of my service report about how much she liked my gardens and flowers.... it sure put a smile of my face."

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